Sunday, November 27, 2011

Handmade boppy cover review & giveaway! Ends 12-11

This great giveaway is thanks to

This adorable shop offeres nursing covers, lovies, blankets,
burp cloths and of course the item I'm reviewing: the Boppy
cover! I looked into quite a few different shops for Boppy covers,
but was most impressed by Lu Lu Bees! The patterns were so
much more vibrant and cheerful and not just a solid minky material.
I also loved that they are double sided, with the non patterened
side being a beautiful, soft, solid color. I decided the pink alphabet
print was my favorite! The shipping was super fast and the
packaging was adorable! I immediatly opened it up and put it
on my Boppy! My husband noticed her sweet handmade tag and
mentioned how cute it was. It fit snuggly and perfectly! No gapping,
no bulky seams, and it's just smoothe and beautiful! I can't wait
to lay my sweet newborn on it for our first few nursings. I'm so
thankful to this boutique for providing me with such a beautiful item
to review and especially to keep and be an important part of our
family memories. I cannot express how much handmade items mean
to me. Just take a look at the precious cover I was so generously sent!

Such beautiful colors.
They are bright and serene at the same time.

There are also really awesome boy
colors and patterns!

I love these so much!

You can purchase a beautiful Boppy cover from Lu Lu Bees
for only $20. You can buy these in a store, but just know
everyone else will have the exact same patterns and prints
you do. If you get a custom, your baby will have a very unique
and precious cover. The price of these are fantastic!

One winner will recieve an adorable Boppy cover of their
choice from Lu Lu Bees! Good luck & please tell your friends!


Jessica B. said...

I would choose the Safari print!

Shannon H said...

If I win this, I'll go with the spunky owls pattern. I love it!

Kim said...

If I win I'm going with the owls in springtime. So fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I would go with the blueberry hoot, I LOVE it <3 :D

Ashley rexrode said...

I love the blueberry hoot cover. So cute!

ashley said...

I would pick the owls in springtime.

ashley hess

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