Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wild animal print blanket review & giveaway! *CLOSED*

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I received an amazingly cute blanket from Cozy Everly After for
our new sweet pea, coming in just a few short weeks. The selection
in her shop is fantastic and it was hard to choose what I wanted to
review! Anything pink and/or animal print is my thing, so I got an
adorable zebra and minky blanket. These are perfect for cuddles,
breastfeeding, tummy time, or use as a lovey! The swirly, minky
side reminds me of roses, it's gorgeous! These double-sided blankets
range in price from $12-$22, so you can find the perfect blanket
to fit your own specific budget. You can choose to walk on the
wild side with a funky animal print combonation, or you can
keep it more sweet and gentle with pastel colors. There is something
for everyone! Here is the sweet blankie I got!

Wrapped up all cute! Perfect gift!

My belly buddy & her beautiful blanket!

ONE lucky winner will receive this adorable zebra
blanket. Its black, white & brown & so super soft!
Priced at $18. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bumpaloo cloth wipes review & giveaway! *CLOSED*

This giveaway is thanks to
We are cloth diapering our newest addition [still baking],
after a wonderful experience with it with our other two
children. Cloth wipes are a must for us. Why cloth diaper
if you are going to use disposable wipes? We had a great
assortment of wipes for our son, but they started falling apart
and had to be thrown away. I found these on Etsy and honestly
just liked the prints! But, once I felt the thickness and quality,
I realized there's much more to love about them! They are
cut and sewn the fit the whole hand, so, no mess! Disspsables
cannot complete with that! They are so thick and I know they
will hold up to years of use! Here is the adorable set I recieved:

Go to BUMPALOO BABY to see her
other adorable items!

And here is the set up for grabs! Who doesn't love
pirate monkeys? Too cute! ONE winner will get these.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Leg warmers review & giveaway! *CLOSED*

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We all love leg warmers, right? If you don't, it's probably
because you've never tried them! There are so many great
uses for them, especially on young babies/toddlers. They protect
sensitive knees during the crawling age. They make diaper
changes easier . . . no pants! Potty training is less of a fuss.
They can be used for either gender and come in adorable prints
and patterns! PLUS if your baby is a fluff butt [in cloth diapers],
they look EXTRA cute in leg warmers! Posh Pipsqueak offers
such a different twist on leg warmers. I was into a large brand
before I found these! There are so many different ones to
choose from. The selection is seriously huge! With so many
different styles it can be hard to decide which to buy [that's the
only bad thing I could say about them]! They ship out fast, too!
Here are a few different ones I LOVE :

Can you say A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E ? ? ?

These are the ones we got for Clayton [which he is
actually sleeping in right now!] How cute are these?!

ONE lucky winner will get their choice of Posh Legs!
Please go look at all the store has to offer HERE!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

$20 to The Laughy Giraffy giveaway! *CLOSED*

This giveaway is thanks to

This Etsy shop has just a little bit of everything! From bows,
to bow holders, to crayon rolls. Everything the shop carries
is a great price! Tanielle makes beautiful, creative holiday
bows, which I LOVE! They are just adorable!

I love how unique their items are, and the prices are
unbeatable! I recieved a bow holder for Faith. I LOVE
the bright colors! The simple fact that it has three rows
to put bows on is great! Most others only have one. It's nice
that I can fit all of her bows on one holder, and they can
all have their place! Here is the one I got:

One lucky winner will get $20 to this amazing shop!
Twenty dollars will get you at least two big bows! You
really need to stop by her site & take a look around!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Newborn baby boy hat/photo prop review & giveaway! *CLOSED*

This giveaway is brought to you thanks to

This is the precious hat one lucky winner will receive!
This shop sales the sweetest newborn hats. We all love
those sweet week old, curled up photos of newborns!
Especially when they are wearing something super cute!
This gorgeous olive green hat, with button embellishment
is so tiny! It stretches, for a little wiggle room. The yarn
is so soft & seems like it would be really comfortable on
new baby skin. All of her hats are just so cute! Go check
them out HERE! Here's a few examples of her other work:

Jillian, the owner also makes cocoons and
slings as photography props!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vintage rosette clip review & giveaway! *CLOSED*

This awesome giveaway is thanks to:

The creations in this shop are beautiful! Belinda, the owner
makes amazing rosette clips and headbands! She also just
started making precious dresses for little girls. The classic,
vintage look of this style is timeless and perfect for newborn
photography, or everyday wear for any little girl! Just take a
look at a few of the items Belinda sells. They are adorable!

...and here is the clip ONE lucky winner will receive!

Please go by her Etsy shop HERE to see her other
beautiful bows and new dresses!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

$25 Gift Certificate Wall Decal! *CLOSED*

This awesome giveaway comes from

Here I go again with the wall decor... these are adorable!
The item I received from Miss Kelly at OneHipStickerChic
is unlike any other decal I've tried before! These are more
like a sticker. The one I got was so easy to apply! Just
peel and stick! It's that easy! I love the simplicity of them.
She makes these herself and can personalize them!

She sells the big beautiful trees too! [at a great price!]

I got a peeping puppy for Clayton's room! Here it is!

There are TONS of great designs to choose from!
She has cute decals for any budget! Please stop by her
Etsy shop, HERE to check out all of her cute stickers!

ONE lucky winner gets $25 to spend in her shop!
Good luck & send your friends on over!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gift Certificate to BabyThreads review & giveaway! *CLOSED*

This sweet giveaway is thanks to

This shop has got some absolutely adorable outfits!
Here's the precious little "Big Top Circus" dress I received
for Faith. It comes with a flower clippie to match!

This dress is super adorable! Faith twirled all around in it,
blowing her bubbles and oh my goodness, just looked so cute!
She will still be able to wear it next spring and summer
because of the way it's made. The top is a little stretchy,
which allows growing room. [Fingers crossed it stays stain-free
for little Anniston down the road!] There are so many beautiful
outfits, skirts, boys shirts and leg warmers in this shop! Plenty to
choose from! I am really impressed with the quality. Take a look
at a few of her other fantastically cute items!

If you couldn't tell, I LOVE her Dr. Seuss collection!
But you'll just have to stop by HERE to check out the rest!
One lucky winner gets a $15 gift certificate to BabyThreads!
[If it is not used within 14 days of winning, another winner will
be chosen. Thank you].

Custom Birthday Party Hat! TWO winners! *CLOSED*

This giveaway is thanks to
Two Little Monkeys Bowtique!

I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with parties. Especially my childrens'
Birthday parties. I am the most emotional, sentimental Mom I
think I have ever met! I must have our parties as perfect and
personalized as possible [on a budget of course!]. I came across
Two Little Monkeys and saw her adorable Birthday party hats!
These things are just too cute! You can choose from a variety of
funky little prints, and embellishments. She will customize them
with either your little one's name or age, which is perfect to go into
my "Birthday Box", where I keep special items from Birthdays!
Her party hats are so affordable, too! They range from $7 to $14!
Not bad, huh?! She also makes cute little bows too! I got a
hat for Faith's Birthday coming up in February [never too early
to start planning, right?!] It is black with hot pink fur on the edges
and has a big 4 on it for my BIG baby! The chin strap is so soft
and fits perfectly around her ears, ensuring it won't slip off
during those precious cake photos. Just take a look at these!

TWO lucky winners will get a CUSTOM party
hat from Two Little Monkeys! Have fun & tell
your friends to come on over & enter!

Be sure to visit her Etsy HERE!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Walking Wings reveiw & giveaway! Ends 11-15!

This amazing giveaway is brought to you by

I am not going to lie to you, when a friend of mine
gave me a link to these, my first reaction was less than
fantastic. Walking Wings reminded me of those terrible
baby-dog leash contraptions at first glance. BUT this
product is the polar opposite of cruel. Walking Wings
helps nurture the wanna-be walker in every baby!

About Walking Wings: [From the website!]
Walking Wings helps baby learn to walk balancing more
naturally, hands-free, and experiencing fewer falls.
This unique padded support vest easily fastens around
the chest of the baby and has two adjustable, detachable
straps with padded handles for your comfort. It's healthier
for baby's shoulders (no tugging on little arms) and kinder
to parent’s backs (no more bending over!). Pediatrician
recommended for babies learning to walk.

I received the blue set [which is surprisingly gender neutral!]
I was really excited to see if they held up to their promise of
making this developmental stage any easier! Me and Hubby were
so pleasantly surprised! We strapped Clayton right in and adjusted
the vest to fit his size, stood him up, and off we went! The vest and
handles for parents are so padded and soft. They seem comfortable
to my little one. GET THIS: the day after trying Walking Wings,
Clayton took 2 steps all by himself! [SO SERIOUS!]. He actually
gets all excited when he sees us pull his Walking Wings out! I know
it helps him feel independent, and that's his favorite thing about them!

He got a little ahead of me in this photo ;)

Here is my sweet boy going for it!

To BUY Walking Wings, GO HERE. They are
availible in pink and blue and sell for $24.99.

Or you can WIN your choice of pink or blue!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Set of 3 hanging pom poms review & giveaway! *CLOSED*

This giveaway is thanks to
These things are seriously adorable! I came across pom poms
and knew I had to try them! Pom-Poms wonderfully dress up any
special occasion or room in your home. Loved by many,
pom-poms are a wonderful, airy, and whimsical way to add
detail to your space. I love adding funky little design touches
to our rooms! These are perfect for a classy, feminine, fun extra
pop of color in a space that is usually unoccupied. The pom kit
comes wonderfully packaged and with two types of hanging
options. You can use either ribbon, or clear string. It also
includes incredibly detailed instructions, complete with
photos to help those of us who are visual learners. The poms
are fairly delicate, and it is time consuming. You must be gentle
and patient to get them perfect! The first one I tried out of my set
was not easy, but once I got the hang out it, I was a pro! They
are so beautiful once they're all fluffed out! I Cannot wait until
our bedroom is done so I can hang them up! The creator of these
sweet little poms is Emmahlyn, and she was very pleasant to
work with & so willing to answer any questions. In her shop,
you can buy a variety of gorgeous pom poms from $15 to $30,
depending on the size and quantity in your set. There are sets that
are already put together, or you can create you own! One lucky
winner will receive their choice of three pom poms!

Just take a look!

Please stop by her Etsy shop HERE!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Custom Shirt giveaway! *CLOSED!*

This giveaway is brought to you by

These shirts are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!
They are perfect for Birthdays, photos, or everyday wear!
I did not receive a shirt to review, but the owner of this
shop has given my followers an awesome coupon code
[which I intend to use!] Just enter "blogs" [all lowercase]
at checkout and get %25 off your purchase! Her shirts cost
$18 and look like they're worth every penny! ONE lucky
winner will get a custom shirt from her shop! Good luck!

Please stop by her Etsy shop HERE!