Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Winners choice: hair bow! Goody for all! *CLOSED*

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Blue Monster Bows has some of the best prices on Etsy that I've seen.
The owner is very promt about getting her orders out which is great!
 I received a $6 chiffon flower and headband in hot pink to review.
 I had to frill the flower out after unpackaging, just because of
the type of material it's made from. It's a very light-weight and
comfortable feeling headband. I got mine in size newborn-3 months
since we will be welcoming little Anniston in just a few short weeks.
This was the perfect infant bow! The elastic is so soft and smooth
which is really important for new baby skin. Behind the flower, where
the flower is attatched to the headband, there is a circle of felt that
makes it even more comfortable. I was really surprised at the attention
to detail in this bow. All of her headbands and clippies are adorable,
I know I'll end up ordering some for my big princess. Blue Monster
Bows has offered up an awesome coupon code for all of my followers!
Just enter ROBINSNEST at checkout and you will receive %15 off your
entire purchase! The lucky winner of this giveaway gets to choose
ANYTHING from her shop. What an awesome prize! Good luck ladies!

Please be sure to visit Blue Monster Bows to take
advantage of the coupon code!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Earflap Bear Hat Review & Giveaway! *CLOSED*

                                                           This giveaway is sponsored by
                                                           Adi & Ellie Designs

This is the second item I am reviewing for Adi & Ellie designs.
I am seriously in love with all of her things! This bear hat caught
my eye because, if you're anything like me and browse Etsy all the time
 looking at sweet baby hats, you don't see many boy hats. And cute
ones, at that! You couldn't get any cuter with the Boo-boo blue and
lime green color scheme. The long tassels enable you to tie it, so
 those rough-and-tumble boys can't snatch it right off! This hat is perfect
for those precious day-old photo's we are all obsessed with, or a sweet toddler.
It is absolutely adorable on my son. If you don't have a  boy, this
would make an amazing gift! In my personal opinion the colors
are too 'boyish' for a girl, but that's just me. Lauren also has incredible
baby girl hats as well!. The crocheting is such amazing quality. The
 ears are so thick, so don't worry about the washer wearing them
down anytime soon. [Just let the hat air dry after a gentle wash.] If you
are not the lucky winner, you can find this adorable hat on her Etsy shop
for $20. If you have an account, add her to your favorites!

Click here to visit her Etsy shop! Adi & Ellie Designs

Friday, September 23, 2011

Review and giveaway-Chain Scarf Necklace. TWO winners! CLOSED!

This review is sponsored by
Adi & Ellie Designs.

Fall is upon us!
These chain scarf necklaces are so unique! I found this boutique on Etsy,
and fell in love with her items! You could tell from the photos that her
products are high quality. The chain scarf necklaces looked so cozy!
The color choices are so beautiful and work so well together.Once I received mine,
I was so excited! The packaging is even fashionable and personal. I opened them up
and fluffed them out! They are layered with crotchet chains and the back is a solid, knitted
band. There are multiple layers of "chains", sure to keep anyone warm!
The colors that I chose were coral and leaf, which look fantastic together! Other colors that
she offers are Raspberry, Violet, Cream, Navy, Slate, Black, Wine and Teal.
They are all pretty and go perfect together. They come in a set of 2 for $28 FREE shipping! OR you can enter "robinsnest" at checkout & get 30% off!!!! [chain scarves only, please. Coupon code valid for 1 week only] Lauren is great about staying in touch and ensuring delivery! She has so many other
amazing handmade products. She makes the most beautiful items! [She is also
sponsoring my next giveaway as well!]

I was drawn to these, I have never really
seen anything like them before...

TWO wonderful ladies will win one!!!

Here is her ETSY page! Adi & Ellie Designs

Friday, September 16, 2011

Review & GIVEAWAY! Vtech Move and Crawl Ball. *CLOSED*

Vtech Move and Crawl Ball
Ages 6m+


"The Move and Crawl Ball is a colorful playmate that keeps baby on the move and teaches with lessons that mom will love! This ball features captivating light-up buttons that introduce numbers and shapes to curious fingers. Busy babies will also learn animal names and sounds from six, cute animal buttons. Just as the little ones got it all figured out, this self-rolling ball gets baby moving."

I bought this Vtech toy for my son around Easter. He wasn't very active and wasn't crawling yet which scared me. I bought it in hopes that a ball that moved on its own would spark his did! This little toy is amazing! Similar to the Bumble ball that most of us younger moms played with as children. He watched it in awe for a few moments then started army crawling after it! I was shocked that it actually worked! The toy has lights all around it, and moves sporaticly , rolling back and forth. We have had ours now for a while, and he still loves it! Its not a toy that gets shoved into the bottom of the toybox and forgotten, like most others. The songs keep them engagded, which is great for any age!
The ball teaches numbers, shapes, animals, sounds and music.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review & Giveaway---B. Hugs Links! US ONLY *CLOSED*

                                                                B. Hugs Links
                                 24 clackity, colorful links!

First of all, the packaging of B. products are amazing and vibrant!

These links are just adorable. All B. products are pretty gender nutral. I love that the company tells you what other ways you can use their links! The smooth plastic makes a great teether. They are easy to grip because they are wider than other links. Each individual link is its own rattle! The plastic jar they come in is great for little ones learning to put things in & out of containers. It even comes with a tag on the outside saying "To" and "From", perfect for a gift! The paper that they use in their packaging is %100 recycled which is a big + for me! So far I have only seen the B. line at Target. On their website, you can enter your zip and it shows you other locations where you can buy. My 3 year old daughter was much more interested than my 15 month old son. From the minute we broght them home she wanted them opened! The colors really got her interested! We made one big chain, and she thought it was funny that the chain was taller than her! My son really just loved the tags and the jar.

How to enter:

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  2. +1 entry : Where can you buy B. products?
  3. +2 entries : Tell me one alternative way to use the linkies.
  4. +1 entry : If you win, who will be using them?
  5. +4 entries!!! : Refer a friend to follow me on GFC [they must actually do this for it to count] and leave a comment letting me know who it was or have them comment telling me you referred them.
                                              Ends 9/13

Thank you! And good luck :]


Friday, September 9, 2011

Test giveaway---The Gyro Bowl! US only CLOSED

                The Gyro Bowl "The kid-proof, spill-proof bowl".

                                                            • Inner Bowl Rotates 360 Degrees
                                                            • Virtually Indestructible
                                                            • Saves Time, No More Cleaning
                                                            • Use it for Non-Food Items
                                                            • BPA-Free Plastic
                                                            • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
                                                            • Not Microwave Safe

My family has seen this 'As Seen On TV' product for a few months now. Of course my 3 year old daughter wanted it because she saw other kids with it on TV, having a blast! I knew I wanted this to be the first item I reveiwed. The colorful packaging draws you to it. The gender-nuetral color is also a plus! It also comes with a flexible lid! We knew we would try Goldfish crackers in it first. She swung it around the kitchen....then jumped. BAD idea. The idea of the 360 bowl isn't jump-proof. You can rotate it in any direction, which is great for active kids! My daughter likes "that it's a toy and a snack bowl." I am glad we made the purchase. It's a product I've been wanting to try for months now, and it lived up to my expectations!

It's made out of very sturdy plastic :]

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  5. Giveaway ends 9/12 at 11:59pm est :]
    Us only
    And my first winner is...           Kelly Cox :]