Wednesday, November 2, 2011

3 graphic onesies review & giveaway! *CLOSED*

is to thank for this AWESOME giveaway!

Super unique sayings. Adorable colors. Great quality.
The onesies from The Itty Bitty Boutique are beyond cute!
We have bought a few graphic onesies before and were...
less than impressed. But these are so much more different!
First of all, the owner, Shanda uses Carter's onesies, which
are known for their durability. The screen-printed transferred
image or wording is not thick and stiff like store bought
graphic tees. To be blunt, some of these sayings are just
downright hilarious and some even crude. All equally
adorable! The tees come with a fabric care sheet to
ensure that colors don't bleed and that you keep your
garment looking brand new! I received THIS hilarious
onesie which will go GREAT with a pair of leg warmers
and a gigantic pink bow!

I cannot tell you how adorable these are! You'll have to go
look for yourself, but here are a couple examples!

This giveaway is AMAZING!
ONE winner is getting THREE, I repeat
THREE onesies of their choice! How cool
is that!?

Please be sure to stop by her shop & look
around. You'll be glad you did :]


Anonymous said...

I would choose the I heart boobies, girly batman, and forget it my daddy is taken.

Sarai said...

Oh my gosh I absolutely love these!!!! I would get the ghost busters one, the "it's t-shirt time, and this is my keg stand shirt!!! Love love love

Anonymous said...

I would choose:
My Daddy is a Computer Geek, but I'm Living *Proof He Scored at Least Once
*Don't Blame Me..
*Daddy Did My Hair

Leslie G said...

Love the change my booty, guilty and I love boobies. Perfect for my boys.

Jessica B. said...

These are hilarious! I would get:
Cute & Single
Dear Santa, Define Good
Personalized Baby Owl

Heather R said...

I would get the Arrr... Change Me Booty - Funny Pirate Onesie, When The Zombies Come, I'm So Tripping You - Funny Halloween Baby Onesie, and the Dear Santa, Does good-ish count - Funny Christmas Onesie


Julie said...

love the kisses 25cent,i make boys cry and cute and single
hebb dot julie at gmail dot com

Debbi said...

"Dear Santa, I can explain", "I don't have to be good, I'm cute!" and The ballerina.

hockman1 at sbcglobal dot net

Shannon H said...

I'd choose these:
Sorry Boys, Daddy Says I Can't Date Until I'm 30

So Glad I'm Not A Turkey

I Make Chunky Thighs Look Good

Shannon H said...

I didn't see this one at the Etsy site but saw it on the Facebook page: The snowman face! I would definitely get that one!

Missy L said...

I would choose-

-Sometimes I Pee When I Laugh
-Arrr Change Me Booty
-And one of the tie ones

abc baby said...

kisses 25 cents!!!!
i ate santas cookies!!!!!!
dear santa define good!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

I would pick these 3, so cute!
Kisses 25 Cents
Breakfast at Tiffanys Baby Onesie
Music Notes

Angie Alford said...

acting my age , I stuffed and the Santa with bag , belensmama at gmail dot com

Emillie Rose said...

If You Pinch My Cheeks, I Will Pull Your Hair - Funny Baby Onesie or Toddler Tee, CoPy-PaSTe... Set of TWIN ONESIES
hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

ashley rexrode said...

1- boobie monster
2- dude your girlfriend has been checking me out
3- my dad can beat up your dad

Kim said...

I would pick these three:
Forget it, my dad is taken!
I'm bringing chubby back
Of course I'm cute, haven't you seen my mommy?

Anonymous said...

graphic tees has always been one of my favorites, i do have plenty of them in my wardrobe. Still searching some good and new designs.
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