Sunday, November 27, 2011

Handmade boppy cover review & giveaway! Ends 12-11

This great giveaway is thanks to

This adorable shop offeres nursing covers, lovies, blankets,
burp cloths and of course the item I'm reviewing: the Boppy
cover! I looked into quite a few different shops for Boppy covers,
but was most impressed by Lu Lu Bees! The patterns were so
much more vibrant and cheerful and not just a solid minky material.
I also loved that they are double sided, with the non patterened
side being a beautiful, soft, solid color. I decided the pink alphabet
print was my favorite! The shipping was super fast and the
packaging was adorable! I immediatly opened it up and put it
on my Boppy! My husband noticed her sweet handmade tag and
mentioned how cute it was. It fit snuggly and perfectly! No gapping,
no bulky seams, and it's just smoothe and beautiful! I can't wait
to lay my sweet newborn on it for our first few nursings. I'm so
thankful to this boutique for providing me with such a beautiful item
to review and especially to keep and be an important part of our
family memories. I cannot express how much handmade items mean
to me. Just take a look at the precious cover I was so generously sent!

Such beautiful colors.
They are bright and serene at the same time.

There are also really awesome boy
colors and patterns!

I love these so much!

You can purchase a beautiful Boppy cover from Lu Lu Bees
for only $20. You can buy these in a store, but just know
everyone else will have the exact same patterns and prints
you do. If you get a custom, your baby will have a very unique
and precious cover. The price of these are fantastic!

One winner will recieve an adorable Boppy cover of their
choice from Lu Lu Bees! Good luck & please tell your friends!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beautiful tutu set review & giveaway! Ends 12-9

This adorable giveaway is thanks to
Fab Tutus

"Because every girl needs a tutu", is the shop's saying. And it's so true!
Tutu's are perfect for so many occasions! Photography, Birthdays, Holidays,
tea parties and just every day dress-up wear! Fab tutu's has an amazing
selection of tutu's and pettiskirts, along with precious ruffled tops, bows,
and tutu dresses! These are all great for gifts, too! I was completely blown
away when I got my review items from the owner, Anna! She so graciously
sent our daughter, Faith, a beautiful sewn hot pink petti tutu, a light pink sewn
tutu with gorgeous ruffled trim, a light pink, ruffled top to match, AND a bear
with her logo on it & a matching tutu! I could not believe this was all for us!
I knew I had to get Faith's photos taken in these items! They are so beyond
beautiful & THE best quality tutu I have ever had! I am so in love with the
precious things she sent us and will defiantly be making future purchases from
the shop for our new little one! Just take a look at the sweet things we were sent!

My beautiful baby Faith, in a beautiful outfit!
Notice the adorable matching bear!

and the precious ruffled top with lace & ribbons!

I love this HUGE fluffy sewn petti tutu! It is so
incredibly girly and frilly!

SEE how poofy!? So much material was used, the price
of these are amazing!

These items are all for sale in the shop! The light pink tutu, ruffled top
and bear with matching tutu re priced at $80 and would make an amazing
Christmas gift for any little princess! The hot pink tutu in the last couple
pictures is priced at $35 and with the amount of tulle and materials used, it
is definatly worth every penny! There are tutu's in this shop for every budget.
These tutu's will last a long time & I feel are completely worth the investment!

TWO lucky winners are getting something out of this awesome giveaway!
The first winner will receive either a sewn tutu OR a ruffled top AND a bear to match!
The second winner gets their choice of a sewn tutu OR a ruffled top!
Please tell ALL of your friends about this amazing givaway!
Good luck!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Newborn shoes and matching headband review and giveaway! *CLOSED*

This wonderful giveaway is brought to you by

I stumbled upon these precious baby shoes and started drooling!
with the rocking color combos and how soft and comfortable they
looked, I knew I had to contact the shop! There were so many designs
to choose from, but of course I chose the pink and grey! Which, by the
way, is one of the best sellers! It also came with a little matching felt
headband that goes with the flower embellishment on the shoes perfectly.
I received these and was immediately in awe that some ladies can actually
sew like this! Made me kinda jealous, actually! They are so sturdy and
well-made! Not to mention, super soft and flexible for teeny, tiny feet!
These would make an adorable, sentimental baby shower gift, even if you
aren't expecting or have a baby. She even makes these ridiculously cute
boy loafers! I'm seriously so in love with the pair that I got! Take a look!

OH how I love pink and grey...
and the matching headband is just perfect!

Here is a few examples of the awesome boy shoes!

TOO cute! These would look so handsome
on any little guy!

These shoes are priced between $17-$20 depending
on the pattern and if they come with a headband or not.
The boy loafers are priced at $17. A great price for an
honestly great product!

ONE lucky winner will receive THIS SET!

Good luck!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fairy wings newborn photograpgy prop review & giveaway! Ends 11-30

This precious giveaway is thanks to

Perfect for any little butterfly! This is a great item for any
photographer to have in their prop collection, or just a mommy
that wants a special dress up piece for her daughter. These wings
are so whimsical and beautiful! They can be dusted with glitter, or
simple and plain. I received the "little mermaid" set for Anniston's
photography session that we will be having in our home. The colors
are fantastic! They are so Bright & cheery! The cool thing about them
is the fact that they have strands that can be tucked during pictures,
or tied around the child's shoulder when they get older to wear. These
are so sweet and I cannot wait to see them on my little bundle! This
is the set we got! Pretty cute, huh? I love the big flower detail!

This shop offers so many more designs, too! And at a
great price!

These beautiful wings can be bought HERE for
$14.95-$21. The more pricey ones come with an
adorable matching headband. How cute!!

The shop is gladly giving away one pair of wings
to ONE lucky winner! Good luck & please take
advantage of every entry please.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Custom rug review & giveaway! Ends 11-30

This giveaway is thanks to

This is by far the most personal item I have received for our new
baby girl. Our colors are pink & grey, and slowly becoming more
popular, but it's still very hard to find decor for those color combinations.
Lynsey, is the creator of these amazing upcycled rugs. I love the fact
that she reuses materials and creates such a gorgeous work of art. This
is not something you can find in just any home decor store. You can tell
how much time and love is put into what she makes. I was amazed
at the product I was sent. Lynsey asked that I send her photographs
with examples of Anniston's bedding and the colors. She got them perfect.
I love the shaggy look to them, and I cannot tell you how amazing it feels
on my pregnant, bare feet. The materials are so incredibly soft and
I know this will end up being one of our newborn photography props.
She was so easy and pleasant to work with, which is great because I
really need to purchase one for our living room, and I know she is super
reliable! She can create a custom rug to go with ANY one's taste!
I was truly impressed with the quality and durability of this beautiful,
handmade piece. I am proud of it & show it off whenever anyone comes
over! It is the focal point of Anniston's area in our room and it fits
so perfectly! Just take a look at a few photos of it!

It is so perfect & totally fits my shabby chic style!

These gorgeous rugs range from $30-$140 [Don't let the
price tag scare you, I can PROMISE they are worth every
single penny!] The one I recieved is valued at $130 and is
a custom. It can be made in ANY color combo. It is 3 feet
around and perfect for any room in your home! GUESS WHAT?
We also have a coupon code you can enter in at checkout
to get %20 off your purchase! What a great deal! Just enter
"robinsnestloveslash" for your discount! This is valid for
Robin's Nest followers ONLY please.

Lynsey is graciously offering a 1.5 foot custom rug for ONE
lucky winner! You can choose up to 3 colors. Please tell your
friends to stop by and enter as well! Go to her shop and look around!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

$20 to Blue Couture Design! Review & giveaway! *CLOSED*

This wonderful giveaway is thanks to

This adorable shop has a little bit of this and a little bit of that!
 Something for everyone! From little man ties [I am totally drooling
over them]! to wall decals! Seriously cute stuff! I contacted Kim,
the owner and she was gracious enough to send me a monogrammed
wall decal for Faith! It is TOP quality and reminds me of a large company
that I have used before. She includes instructions and they are
so super simple! Just peel, scratch and peel again! It turned
out so perfect, with clean lines and looks so great on her wall!
super simple, super adorable. It was up on her wall and finished
in 10 minutes! Keep in mind this decal was quite large, so
I naturally expected it to take much longer! It's beautiful!
I love how it almost looks a tad bit industrial, but then has the
curly font which cutesies it up again.

^ Told ya! Kim is offering up $20 to her shop to ONE winner
which can buy quite a few adorable items!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Punk ruffle bloomers review & giveaway! *CLOSED*

This giveaway is thanks to

Ruffle butt bloomers! Oh my goodness! We all know how adorable
they are, especially on tiny, crawling little girls. I found this shop on
Etsy, and was amazed at how different these are from the sweet, baby
pinks and purples which are so pastel. These make a statement! The
colors are so vibrant and funky, I fell in love! There is also a great mix
of prints in each pair. Now, I love cloth diapered baby booties, but
even if you don't cloth, these are fantastic. They give that fluff-butt
look, which is irresistible! I contacted the owner and received an
amazing pair in pink and grey and zebra! She makes them in all
sizes, but I got Anniston's in newbie for her newborn photography
session. They are absolutely adorable and TINY! The elastic around
the waist and legs is so durable and seems really soft and comfortable.
The only thing I could say "bad" about them is the material thatthe ruffles
are made of may need ironing after a washing. [I just HATE ironing].
They would be so stinking cute with a pair of baby leg warmers!

Here is the precious ruffle diaper cover I got!

They are so full and frilly!
She has so many different styles and patterns to
choose from, you'll just have to go take a look!
I cannot wait to see what these look like on our
new little one!

Buy it!
These adorable bloomers are sold HERE for $16
to $20. And you are sure to find a pair you love!

Win it!
One lucky winner will get a pair of their
choice from the shop! Good luck & tell your
friends to play too!