Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bumpaloo cloth wipes review & giveaway! *CLOSED*

This giveaway is thanks to
We are cloth diapering our newest addition [still baking],
after a wonderful experience with it with our other two
children. Cloth wipes are a must for us. Why cloth diaper
if you are going to use disposable wipes? We had a great
assortment of wipes for our son, but they started falling apart
and had to be thrown away. I found these on Etsy and honestly
just liked the prints! But, once I felt the thickness and quality,
I realized there's much more to love about them! They are
cut and sewn the fit the whole hand, so, no mess! Disspsables
cannot complete with that! They are so thick and I know they
will hold up to years of use! Here is the adorable set I recieved:

Go to BUMPALOO BABY to see her
other adorable items!

And here is the set up for grabs! Who doesn't love
pirate monkeys? Too cute! ONE winner will get these.


Anonymous said...

We use and LOVE cloth diapers :) you should know, you got us hooked!

Amy_M said...

We use cloth and this is our fourth child in cloth. She is 3 months old.

amy carlson
amybabya79 at

Anonymous said...

How do you enter to win? These are adorable! Laurie Adams

Anonymous said... rafflecopter loaded. Got it. Thank you.
Laurie Adams

Jessica B. said...

My little one is 6 months old and we use disposables. We'd like to try cloth diapering for our next one. Cloth diapers come in handy right now for burp cloths.

Kasparbauer Family said...

I don't use cloth diapers but these wipes look great!

Anonymous said...

I currently do not use cloth diapers or wipes but plan to with baby number three due to arrive in December.

Ashley Hess

Emily said...

Yes I use cloth diapers! I LOVE them. My youngest is 3mths.

abc baby said...

my youngest is 5 months and i dont cloth diaper how ever i have many friends that do i wish i did....

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